Mathey Dearman Beveling Machines

Dependable and tough, the Saddle Machine was specifically designed for critical pipe applications that require a high degree of cut quality and accuracy. The lightweight, durable machine has been known for more than 70 years as the standard in the industry due to its long life, reliability and cutting accuracy. Both inexperienced and experienced welders can improve efficiency, accuracy and cut quality. Models available for pipe sizes 1 1/2"-48" (38mm-1219mm). FEATURES: • PORTABLE—The light compact unit is an excellent tool for shop or field applications. • ACCURATE—The spacer bolts, located on both sides of saddle, give the machine the accuracy required when cut quality and accuracy is critical. • EASY SET-UP—Requires little or no operator skill or training to set up and achieve an accurate cut. • PROVEN—The saddle, ring gear and cap ring are made of aluminum that is hard anodized to maintain accuracy and provide long-lasting durability. • ADAPTABLE—Can be used with oxy/fuel or plasma machine torch with 1 3/8" barrel diameter. • BUILT TO WITHSTAND the construction, fabrication and welding jobsite environment. • Up to 80% FASTER than hand cutting and grinding.
Machine Model MSA 1SA 2SA 3SA 4SA 5SA 6SA 8SA Part Number 03.0100.000 03.0101.000 03.0102.000 03.0103.000 03.0104.0 00 03.0105.000 03.0106.000 03.0108.000 Pipe Size 1 1/2" - 4" 3" - 8" 6" - 12" 12"- 20" 20" - 26" 24" - 30" 28" - 36" 40" - 48"
Product Manual MSA Machine 1SA Machine 2SA Machine 3SA Machine 4SA Machine 5SA Machine 6SA Machine 8SA Machine
The Mathey Dearman Spacer Bolt Kit includes the spacer bolts listed for the machine range and come in a separate storage box with label to illustrate each size of spacer bolt and the corresponding pipe diameter. All spacer bolts are precision machined to give the Saddle Machine the highest degree of cutting accuracy

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