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Holiday Detectors
Model 780 1K - 5 K Model 785 1K - 15K Model 790 5K - 35K Model 670 Wet Sponge 6.5 Volts
The output voltage of your holiday detector is subject to influence by weather conditions, moisture on the pipe, improper grounding and soil conditions. In order to assure absolute highest accuracy and performance from your holiday detectors (jeeps), Pipeline Inspection Company has developed three special Jeepmeters for checking detector voltage output. The model JM Jeepmeter provides the ultimate in accuracy and versatility. It features a digital display of measured voltages. The precision measurement displayed eliminates interpretation errors and is perfect for every day tests. This Jeepmeter measures both pulse and DC voltage output. For pulse type holiday detectors, used to inspect shrink sleeves, tapes, coal tars, etc., the JM will measure up to 40 kv. For DC holiday detectors, used to inspect thin film epoxy coatings, the DC range of the JM measures up to 5 kv. When used with pulse type detectors, this Jeepmeter automatically senses the polarity of the pulse. Leading-edge electronics solve the stability and repeatability problems sometimes experienced in the older models. Two pocket Jeepmeters provide efficient, economical output voltage testing in the field. These are handy for inspectors, superintendents, dope foremen and other field personnel to check voltages during operations, whenever and wherever there is doubt. they are lightweight, rugged and easy to read analog meters. While the pocket Jeepmeters are not comparable to the accuracy of the larger and more versatile Model JM Jeepmeter, they are capable of meeting field requirements. With their economical cost and convenient size, these pocket Jeepmeters are ideal to equip every operator and inspector for everyday field use. These are precision instruments that combine durability, reliability and sensitivity.
The DC Pocket Jeepmeter measures the output voltage of DC holiday detectors. It has a range of 0-5 kv. this DCPJM requires no batteries
This Pocket Jeepmeter is for high voltage pulse output detectors. It has a range of 0-20 kv. Two standard 9-volt alkaline batteries power the PJM.

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