PolyGuard RD-6 Pipe Tape
RD-6 pipeline corrosion coating is a system that allows cathodic protection currents to reach any disbonded area which occurs on the pipeline. RD-6 has been used on thousands of projects for over 25 years. Yet, to our knowledge, neither external corrosion nor SCC (stress corrosion cracking) has been a problem under RD-6. RD-6 is a non-shielding coating. This means that if the coating ever becomes disbonded, the pipeline is still protected because cathodic protection currents can reach the disbonded area. Once there, the current will raise the pH of the water underneath the disbonded area to 9 or higher – a level too high to support corrosion. Additionally, the geotextile fabric backing of RD-6 does not shield cathodic protection currents. For more on Non-Shielding Coatings
RD-6 Application Spec RD-6 MSDS Sheets
SP-6 Application Spec POLYGUARD SP-6™ is the outerwrap for use over POLYGUARD RD-6®. It is an integral part of the “non-shielding” and soil stress resistant RD-6 Coating system. It can of course be used over any other coating to provide non-shielding soil stress resistance.
POLYGUARD 600 LIQUID ADHESIVE is a fast drying, rubber based adhesive in solvent solution which is used in conjunction with Polyguard pipeline coatings and tapes. It is available in solvent systems that will conform to most local VOC requirements

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