Silt Fence and Geotextiile Fabrics
Silt Fence 36" x 100' Available with 11 stake (10' on center), 13 stake (8' o.c.) & 17 stake (6' o.c.) w/ 1 1/4" Nominal Hardword stake pre-attached. Larger 1.5" Spec Sheet
SILT FENCE 14 GUAGE 3’ X 100’ 2”X4” WELDED WIRE Prefabricated Wire Back Silt Fence is available in several wire sizes and fabric configurations to meet most state
Woven monofilaments are available with varying opening sizes to match up appropriately with site soil, and the result is a geotextile fabric that combines excellent flow ability with durability and strength. Uses for woven monofilaments are many and varied. They often are implemented in specialized applications where permeability is important, such as in drainage swale sides and bottoms. More recently, these geotextiles have been used in the construction of filter bags used to protect storm water inlet structures from construction site sediment. Spec Sheet
Non Woven Geotextiles Non woven Geotextiles Fabrics are probably the most commonly known geotextiles. Nonwoven polypropylene fabric, which has a felt-like consistency, combines strength and flow ability. Available in varying weights and thicknesses, the fabrics are strong but permeable, allowing for varied uses. Nonwoven fabrics commonly are used as a separator between subsoils and rock riprap, and they also are used to separate soils and sized stone in many ground-level and subsurface drainage applications. Nonwoven Geotextile Fabrics have a random, three dimensional pore structure and are highly water permeable, as is necessary in many geotextile end uses. A wide range of fabric weights ranging from 3.1oz. to over 16 oz. is offered to meet the requirements of various Non-woven applications. Custom sizes are available with all of our Woven and Non Woven Geotextile Fabrics. Spec Sheet

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